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We providing on time customs clearance service along with door to door delivery service internationally. Our belief is that our service depends on client’s success entirely backed by exceptional teamwork approach, while constantly striving to leave a client with an everlasting positive customer experience

Packaging & Documentation

After receiving goods from customer or supplier to our warehouse, we ensure products weight and products packaging. If needed we re-pack all carton properly. We also pack small goods/products together into one big box so that they are not lost. After completing Documentation as per carton details we open our LC and start shipment procedure.

From where we are making shipment?

We have door to door service from China, USA, Dubai, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore, and Malaysia. We import our goods through our own license and deliver it to your doorstep. We have two flights in a week once in Tuesday and another one is in Thursday. You can get it in Dhaka in7 to 10 days. We inform you the cost per kg including all customs tax and freight.

Real Time Tracking Service

From our website our clients can track their goods on real time basis and get automatic update on their phone through our sms and email service.

Explore Our Services and Solutions

In door to door cargo service we deliver goods within 7 days by Air and within 30 days by sea. • We have two air cargo shipment from China and one air cargo shipment from India, Dubai and Pakistan in a week. • We have two sea shipment from China and


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